Who invited her here

 Happily Never After

Let me introduce to you a painted version of one of my inner persons, Regrettle.  She doesn’t occupy a primary place in my soul because she is not at home in my current life.  Instead when she makes her appearances in my life, she wants to take me back to the past, insisting that I have unfinished business there.  I tell her that no one leaves the past with all matters finished and in perfect order.  She keeps reminding me that I could have done things differently and could have known greater satisfaction in my past.  How could she know, she was’t there when I could not see where other options might lead.  In fact sometimes the options she sees today were not even available back then.  

Regrettle is never happy with where I am now.  I should surmise that she would not be happy in a different past either.  She wants me to relive in retrospect rather than just simply live in the now.  Some would say banish her from you life, she’ll only make you miserable. Well perhaps through her I recognize that I have been capable of making mistakes and wrong choices in life.  This allows me to accept the mistakes  of others.  I understand the struggle of young people to make decisions in their lives today.  Regrettle believes there is no happily ever after in real life, and she cautions against permanent commitments.  Her visits, though unsettling, cause me to review my blessings and to confirm my life’s journey with renewed convictions.