Is the Universe a Friendly Place?

Einstein had this question about the friendliness of the universe from the point of view of an earth human.   Now after the moon landing and its follow up excavations (already having set off a bomb on that celestial body 10/09/09 ), planning for Mars One, the first human settlement, various intrusions with space stations and satellites, and at this very moment the “probing”of the planet, Jupiter, I would ask,” does the earth have good intentions about its relationship toward the universe?  Do we already see it as the next virgin territory that waits to be exploited and raped by its human inhabitants?  Is the human fear of scarcity and our tendency to lay claim, to colonize, to dominate our true motive behind space exploration?  Will there be deadly clashes among nations to protect our interests in outer space?  That’s been the story line of history.  Or will there be a new story line  of searching for partners for sharing the great mysteries of creation with awe and homage ?  Will we finally find enough and more than enough for all to share?  Can our imaginations conceive  of universal peace projects with all of creation, instead of countless versions of star wars?